Cherished Connections

With Grandparents' Day just around the corner on Sunday, September 10th, it's the perfect time to honor those cherished family members who bring an extra dose of love and wisdom into our lives.

Following is a list of some ways for kids to maintain that special bond:

1. **Handwritten Letters:** Encourage kids to write heartfelt letters on personalized stationery. Grandparents will love receiving these tangible tokens of affection.

2. **Virtual Storytime:** Set up video calls for a virtual story session, where kids can read their favorite books to their grandparents.

3. **Artistic Creations:** Kids can create drawings, paintings, or craft projects and mail them to their grandparents as surprise gifts.

4. **Recipe Sharing:** Exchange family recipes or cook together during video calls to create a sense of togetherness.

5. **Photo Sharing:** Share snapshots of daily life through photos, either online or by mailing printed pictures.

6. **Scavenger Hunts:** Organize virtual scavenger hunts with clues related to family memories or shared interests.

7. **Regular Phone Calls:** Regular phone calls can be a simple yet effective way to keep in touch and share stories.

8. **Virtual Games:** Play online games or engage in virtual puzzles, promoting playful interactions.

9. **Shared Hobbies:** Connect through shared hobbies like gardening, reading, or even watching the same TV show or movie.

10. **Question and Answer:** Have kids prepare a list of questions they'd like to ask their grandparents about their childhood or life experiences.

11. **Video Messages:** Send short video messages with updates on school, activities, or achievements.

12. **Pen Pals:** Encourage ongoing correspondence, with kids writing letters and receiving replies from their grandparents.

13. **Memory Journals:** Suggest kids and grandparents maintain a shared memory journal, where they jot down daily thoughts and anecdotes.

14. **Collaborative Projects:** Plan collaborative projects, like building a family tree, together while on a video call.

15. **Online Classes:** Explore learning together through online classes, like a cooking or art class.

16. **Special Occasion Celebrations:** Make birthdays and holidays extra special by organizing virtual celebrations with games and activities.

17. **Outdoor Adventures:** If possible, consider outdoor activities like gardening or hiking, sharing photos and experiences afterward.

18. **Video Diaries:** Have kids create short video diaries capturing their daily routines and milestones to share with grandparents.

Remember, the goal is to foster a sense of connection and create lasting memories that will be cherished by both kids and their grandparents.

Cherished Connections
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