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Nostalgic Tunes that Shaped Our Lives: A Tribute to 'Free to Be, You and Me' - The Note House

Nostalgic Tunes that Shaped Our Lives: A Tribute to 'Free to Be, You and Me'

Hello everyone, Happy July! June has been an exciting month for us, filled to the brim with graduation parties. The proud smiles of our graduating friends and family will remain in our hearts for a long time.

The Perfect Graduation Gift

And oh, the gifts! As a stationery designer, I believe in the personal touch. My go-to graduation present is always a gift card or cash, paired with a set of personalized flat note cards. Each card is meticulously designed, featuring the graduate's name and school colors. It's a thoughtful token, a little piece of their journey they can hold on to.

An Ode to Our Freedoms

In the midst of these celebrations, we also find ourselves reflecting on deeper issues. Now, more than ever, our freedoms and our rights as Americans—especially for us women—are at the forefront of our minds and discussions. It's a time of change, of progress, and of standing up for what we believe in.

The Album That Shaped Me: Free to Be, You and Me

As we navigate these conversations, I find myself thinking back to my childhood. There was an album that I adored and played incessantly—Free to Be, You and Me. Perhaps some of you remember it? After all these years, I have just about every word memorized from start to finish. I even bought it for my kids when they were little and listened to it with them.

Equality: The Heartbeat of Nostalgia

Looking back, I realize how much that album influenced my viewpoints today. The songs, the stories, the underlying message—it all centered around EQUALITY. This theme, like a golden thread, weaved through each and every track. It's amazing how music and memories can shape our perspectives, isn't it?

Do you have any memories associated with this album? Does the cover bring back a wave of nostalgia? I'd love to hear your experiences and thoughts.

Remember, we are all free to be, you and me. Let's cherish our rights, celebrate our differences, and always strive for equality. Happy July, everyone!

free to be you and me
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